Chattanooga IS becoming more conscious.   People from here and those that have moved here KNOW that something is changing and it can be intellectualized and seen with our own eyes.

There are many of us that can simply feel the shift.   There is something in the air, we are becoming conscious, more aware of our choices and therefore more connected to our community and  to what is important.

Chattanooga School for Conscious Living was gently born from Chattanooga Yoga School and continues to be a living organism that's deepest desire is to spread information, tools and inspiration to spark the fire of change from the inside/out.   As we become more aware of ourselves and our choices, the more chance we have to impact our community, our country and our world in a positive way.

The following are our first steps to Health & Well-being, Personal evolution and therefore Professional Growth.

Awareness Steps to Achieve Spiritual Growth

Step 1: The Body – learn to become aware of your body first. Learn to place your attention and sense your body’s energy from the inside out. Learn to feel its presence, its aliveness. 

Step 2: Your Thoughts – Once you become observant of your body, expand your awareness to observe and watch your thoughts.

Step 3: Feelings and Emotions – When you are able to watch your thoughts, learn to watch your feelings and emotions.

Step 4: Aware of your own awareness – At this point you can become of aware of your own awareness.