Bodha Yoga Teacher Training is proud to present some of our most in-depth courses.

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The Science + Art of Yoga

Madia Swicord, E-RYT + Dr John Gwin, M.D

In this weekend we will review scientific studies of the effects and benefits of yoga, learn concepts of anatomy and physiology related to the impact of yoga on the body & mind, and discuss some myths and misconceptions concerning yoga.  Additionally, the risks of yoga will be reviewed, and the limitations of the scientific method in understanding the effects of yoga will be discussed. Specific asanas demonstrating the physiologic benefits of yoga will be practiced and taught; "risky" poses and potential adverse outcomes will also be included.
This immersion workshop is included with tuition for students enrolled in our 200 Hour Teacher Training and is open to students and teachers* of all styles of yoga with at least one year of regular yoga practice. 
*Qualifies for 4 continuing education credits (for each 4 hour module) with Yoga Alliance 

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Yoga as Medicine

Madia Swicord, E-RYT + Dr John Gwin, M.D 

In this weekend, we will review information concerning the Western scientific practice of medicine from an historical, economic and outcomes standpoint and then discuss the potential of altering the focus of medical practice to a more integrative model.  The prevalence of yoga practice and other alternative therapies (i.e. body work, mindfulness practice, etc) will be discussed along with specific examples of the benefits of yoga in the treatment of disease. The role of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine will be included. The collaboration of traditional physicians and scientists with practitioners of complementary therapies will be explored.
This immersion workshop is included with tuition for students enrolled in our 200 Hour Teacher Training and is open to students and teachers* of all styles of yoga with at least one year of regular yoga practice.
*Qualifies for 4 continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance  for each4 hour module.

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Business of Yoga

Jess Ewart, executive director, aspen city of wellbeing

Our extensive course covers finance, taxes, insurance, branding, marketing, and business plans to name a few topics!  Led by Jess Ewart, E-RYT.   This training is designed for full-time mind/body professionals who want to expand their knowledge of the industry side of their modality.
Yoga and other spiritual practices are rooted in the ethics of service. However, we often see the conflicts that arise when a person tries to make a living doing what they love and are drawn to as dharma.  Our course has its foundation in the Yoga Sutras with real-world, applicable and practical insights into melding your passion with your career path.
Rather than churning out more RYT's to crowd the field, our focus is on teaching our trainees how to grow yoga in their communities.  By the end of this course you will learn how to encourage NEW practitioners, promote your classes and events using traditional media as well as social media, build a website for your yoga business that is also mobile-optimized, write a business plan, identify and clearly project your personal message/brand and MUCH MORE.

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Guided Imagery: the Practice, Teaching, + Business of Yoga


Lilan specializes in using imagination and imagery for psychological, spiritual, and physical healing.

Guided imagery is an important tool in yoga. Guided imagery helps the busy mind become clear and focused so that it can direct attention to support the practice of yoga. The root of the word yoga means to yoke together, and guided imagery can help the practitioner of yoga join together the body, mind, and spirit. The Yoga Sutras refer to yoga’s benefit in stilling the changing states of the mind.
In this segment Lilan Laishley will combine instruction, demonstration, and exercises to familiarize the students with the techniques of guided imagery and how they can benefit not only the student’s personal practice, but also their teaching and building their yoga business.
By the end of this segment you will:

  • Know the difference between guided imagery and active imagination

  • Understand how guided imagery is beneficial in personal practice, teaching, and business

  • Experience guided imagery and active imagination exercises.

  • Learn several different ‘scripts’ to use in teaching yoga classes.

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Yoga Anatomy + Kinesiology

more details coming soon...