Hear what others have to say about Chattanooga Yoga School!


“This training is so much more than learning about the principles of yoga! Both Madia and Jessica fostered a collective of students of various backgrounds and opened doors of opportunity through education, business planning, yogic practice,... and an introduction to the incredible network of leaders in the yoga community. They promised it would change our lives and it certainly did!! I can’t wait for a 500-hour Yoga Therapy class! Please?!"

— Christine


“Thank you Madia and Jess for such an inspiring experience with teacher training. I am so proud and grateful to be a part of your inaugural class. I consider myself a life-long student of yoga, and your extensive and compelling curriculum and insightful training, kindness and wisdom has only deepened my desire to learn more and more and more! I am so appreciative of this opportunity and am not ready for it to end! I feel like this is only the beginning! Namaste y’all!!

— Nancy


“Just wanted to give a big thank you to Jessica, Madia and Maggie for their time and dedication to helping us evolve into strong, mindful teachers. Each of you brought something so different to the table each weekend, and I truly feel changed in more ways that I expected. From the intense emotions, the disciplined practice, and the playful time, I feel so grounded and ready to take on the world. Let’s do this!

— Jimmy


“This yoga school offers an incredibly well-rounded curriculum, covering everything from the asanas themselves and how to create sequences in various styles of yoga, to ayurveda, meditation, and business of yoga. Each class included new topics, with guest speakers like Dr. John Gwin to cover physiology and yoga as complementary medicine….. I feel so well prepared to begin my path as a yoga instructor, and my initial nervousness over the journey to come has been transformed to excitement with the help of Madia and Jess as both teachers and mentors."

— Rachel


“I just want to express my deep gratitude for the wonderful teacher training. Jess and Madia did a fantastic job on all fronts - from the curriculum, to the outstanding guest faculty and experts, to the reading, to the structure, to the sharing of their own individual areas of expertise and experience, to the facilitation of group camaraderie, connection, support and love, and certainly for sharing so much of their own beautiful selves. Also, the guest membership to the studio all these months has been a phenomenal addition to all the other benefits of the yoga school teacher training. It is a great facility filled with really great people. Thank you!!!"

— Jon


“Thank you so much for your time and commitment to us and the yoga school! You all are truly an inspiration and I am so lucky to have been able to complete this training with all of you at it’s head. I can’t wait to continue the journey I’ve started."

— Logan